Explosion 67 — Youth and their World

Centre d’histoire de Montréal (Montreal’s History Center)

Installations interactives

The Montreal History Center new temporary immersive exhibition titled “Explosion67–Youth and Their World” features the story of “Expo67–Man and His World” and how youths aged between 11 and 21 years experienced their visit in 1967. The exhibition allows visitors to experience the highlights of Expo67 and Montreal as they were then, from an untold point of view, within its national and international context in the late 1960s, without masking the setbacks of this unforgettable event. Using multimedia technology, testimonials are supported by numerous archives and expressed through fifteen audiovisual experiences such as projections, interactive screens, digital terminals, immersive room and virtual reality stations in 3D stereoscopy with ambisonic sound.

  • Canadian Museums Association 2018 Award of Excellence in the category “Exhibitions – Cultural Heritage” for museums with an operating budget of less than $1 million;

  • Quebec Museums Society Award of Excellence 2018, in category 3, for a project with a total budget of between $250,000 and $750,000 ;

  • Featured among the short list Projects of Influence of the renowned international congress Best of Heritage 2019.