Journey to the bottom of the St.Lawrence river

Centre de la biodiversité du Québec (Biodiversity Center of Quebec)

Expérience immersive

The help of renowned scientists who have delved into the heart of the subject was integrated into the design of the immersive show “Journey to the bottom of the St-Lawrence river” to assemble spectacular images showing the wealth of the river. The real world and a phantasmagoric representation of the biodiversity of the St. Lawrence mixed in 360 degrees projections to immerse visitors in waters where astonishing cartoon caricatures of the marine fauna swim. On the surface, visitors can discover the particularities of the St. Lawrence Estuary and its tides, all the way to the banks of Bécancour. An interactive floor and screens allowing fun games add to this unique and dynamic experience. The content of the show, entirely controlled by a tour guide, is quite elaborate and can be customized and adapted to the particular interests of the different age groups.