Poussières de rêves

Oasis Immersion

Des silhouettes de gens qui vivent une expérience immersive dans une grande salle sombre avec des projections d'images

This immersive experience was featured in the very first exhibition, titled “Inspirations”, of the new all-immersive permanent space OASIS IMMERSION at the Palais des Congrès of Montreal. “Poussières de rêves” was inspired by the very personal thoughts of the astronaut David Saint-Jacques, from his eclectic journey to his deepest dream. When entering the gallery, large-scale projections propel visitors into a space trip. The voice of the astronaut intimately shares its introspection, guiding visitors through motion designs and images from the cosmos taken on space missions. Visitors are then thrown into their own reflections on their own dreams, their importance, and possibly, their collective scope. Hubert Reeves said we are stardust, but wouldn’t we be more like dream dust…?


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