Thou Shalt Not Kill

Musée des religions du monde (Museum of the World’s Religions)

A highly engaging immersive experience that leads visitors to question the role of religion and its institutions played in the First World War. Visitors are completely immersed in the very depths of this war to feel, in every way, the oppression felt by the soldiers. The realistically reconstructed trench takes visitors to the heart of a conflict that is both internal and external. The unsettling narrative resounds with realism and was developed from the actual letters of a soldier. To add to the experience, visitors were asked to go throught the trench while wearing a historically accurate military wool coat and metal hat. Thanks to this exhibition, the museum saw traffic increase considerably, which required that the exhibition be extended until September 2016.

  • Canadian Museums Association 2017 Award of Outstanding Achievement in Exhibitions — Cultural Heritage (budget less than $1M)

  • Winner of the Heritage and Museology prize in the context of the GalArt 2016 awards (13th edition) of Culture Centre-du-Québec.