Thou Shalt Not Kill


Thou Shalt Not Kill Musée des religions du monde (Museum of the World's Religions) A highly engaging immersive experience that leads visitors to question the role of religion and its institutions played in the First World War. Visitors are completely immersed in the very depths of [...]

A Nation’s Memory


A Nation’s Memory Musée des Abénakis (Abenakis' Museum) The bilingual IOS application was developed as an educational support tool for the archeological research project at Odanak Fort. The main focus of this interactive journey using a digital tablet is to provide visitors, near and far, access to [...]



Expo360 Centre d'histoire de Montréal (Montreal History Center) This 360 degrees experience was designed for the new exhibition about Expo 67 at the Montreal History Center called Explosion 67 — Youth and Their World. Thanks to a 3D model recreating the site as faithfully as possible, [...]